Refund Policy

Precise Tech Group operates a business, and we expect clients to respect and understand our policies. As a digital marketing firm, we aim to bring the highest value to our client’s spending. So, we need payments made on time with respect we offer to you.

We process refunds in certain cases based on industry-recommended standards and procedures. Our assessments are fair regarding our judgement, which is mutually assessed by our team and the customers to reach a justified agreement and conclusion. Below we have explained the circumstances under which you can easily claim a refund.

When Are You Eligible To Claim A Refund?

You may be eligible if one or many of these following conditions are true.

  • The problems you experienced in the project can’t be remediated, rectified or fixed.
  • Development, sales or digital marketing operations have not yet started.
  • The terms of payment have not been violated in any manner.
  • The evidence and proof related to refund problems have been presented to the Precise Tech Group team.
  • This claim is unrelated to the billing disagreement your bank raised.
  • The project benefits achieved during the collaboration have not been used for the advantages of business by the customers.

Our Cancellation Process

  • Please send us your cancellation request by email, Live chat or WhatsApp.
  • It will be collected at our billings and accounts department.
  • You will get a confirmation reply from our company until the request remains invalid.
  • The email we reply will be considered proof of cancelling our service.Note: Customers must place their cancellation request within 12 hours of placing the order. A Precise Tech Group will only accept it when the project has not started.

Our Refund Policy For Digital Marketing

We keep all things very clear. We aim to offer the best services and always ensure what we promise. Our refund policy on search engine optimisation (SEO) won’t apply any refund for cancellation orders. Again, money won’t be returned if the project is being worked on manually.

We inform you that search engine algorithms for page rank and robots keep updating occasionally. No top-leading marketing company has any control over those changes. Therefore, we can’t guarantee any specific result or refund claims.

But, Precise Tech Group assures you to optimise your site and pages as per the recent algorithms through updated techniques. We know the search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques; hence, we will give you a noticeable performance of your online brand.

Our experts engage your clients worldwide for more efficiency and profitability through a digital transformation of your business.

Setup Fees

Setup fees are directly applied to incurred expenses by Precise Tech Group in the setup phase of nonrefundable search engine optimisation (SEO) or internet marketing campaigns.

Web Hosting

All hosting payments, whether past or present months, are nonrefundable. Website hosting accounts are set up from the date of your order and are allotted limited server resources depending on your purchased plan.

If the clients have a hosting account, but they don’t use it, payments will still be due. Hosting billing cycles continues until the users receive a cancellation notice. 

Account Suspension

Precise Tech Groups reserve the right to disable a user’s account, services, or contract if a user violates our policies and terms. Terminations due to policy violations will be nonrefundable.


We have a right for management to make exceptions and refund problems or credit at their sole discretion.

All the rights are reserved with Precise tech group to make any changes in this refund or cancellation policy of digital marketing services without prior notice to the users. So, stay connected or email us at